Marcy Adams, DBA, MBA, RN, BHA

Vice President & General Manager, Field Network Teams

Marcia Adams

Serving as Vice President & General Manager of the Field Network Teams, Marcy has 29 years of nursing leadership experience in clinical and pharmaceutical practice. Marcy has developed new patient care programs for hospital networks, non-profit healthcare providers, and numerous pharmaceutical companies across the nation. She brings extensive oncology, hematology, and renal experience to VMS, in addition to professional expertise as a certified executive leader, professional manager, legal nurse consultant, field team development, and clinical educator analyst.

Marcy started her career as a nurse at 21 years of age and within 1 year, was tasked with designing, developing, and opening a foundation supported, renal facility for a community hospital in Macon, Missouri. Shortly after opening, the unit doubled its size, and after 3 years, Marcy accepted a position at the largest renal facility in Kansas City, Mo., Dialysis Clinic Inc (DCI). In the role of facility director, Marcy oversaw all operations including patient care services to 150+ patients, 70+ member employee management, acute service to 5 area hospitals, developed on-site pharmacy services, community ESRD programs, national patient and employee educational trainings, formalized patient home service programs, and initiated the first nocturnal treatment options for the company. Marcy worked for DCI for 10 years before accepting a position with IQVIA.

In 2009, Marcy began advancing through various positions in IQVIA including that of clinical nurse educator, national manager, and national director. During these years, Marcy worked with, expanded, and developed numerous clinical nurse educator teams for a variety of pharmaceutical companies including Novartis, Pfizer, Pharmacyclics, Janssen, and others. In these roles, Marcy worked closely with each pharmaceutical company to develop clinical scope of practice, strategy, and overall field objective. She oversaw the daily activities of the field nursing and management teams, directly managed the contract and budget PO which accounted for more than $60M in book of business. Marcy worked directly with therapeutic brand and marketing teams to identify, differentiate, and align the field nurse strategy, in addition to working with agencies of record for content development and delivery. Marcy brings years of experience in identifying, developing, and analyzing relevant clinical field KPI’s and meaningful field initiatives to drive business, in addition to development of employee engagement programs, retention mitigation strategies, and integration models. After IQVIA and prior to joining the VMS team in 2021, Marcy led the targeted medicine oncology nurse educator team for Bayer pharmaceuticals for 3 years as the National Director.

In addition to her degree as a registered nurse, Marcy earned an additional undergraduate degree in healthcare management, a master’s degree in Business Administration, and in 2019, graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Doctorate Degree in Business Administration and Leadership; publishing her doctoral thesis on the Mitigation of Nursing Turnover Intentions. Currently, Marcy serves as an adjunct professor and expert content writer for graduate healthcare, business, and leadership courses for several universities across the nation and abroad. Marcy previously served as a board member for the Oncology Nursing Society Foundation and has received several President’s Club awards for team performance, Innovation, and Leadership over the course of her career.