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VMS BioPharma partners

Singular Focus on Patient Engagement for the Biopharma Industry for 25+ Years

Best-in-breed at patient support for biopharma. This is all we do.

Every program is designed, built, and launched in a tailored way.

3rd parties measure and validate program KPIs we go at risk on.

Team and infrastructure that is agile and flexible to change.

We are partner-agnostic and integrate with all parties, making it easy.

VMS Partners

VMS Partners

5+ years

average length of VMS partnership with its biopharma clients

100+ products

supported in partnership with Patient Services and Market Access teams

We Help Biopharma Patient Services, Market Access, and Brand Teams Solve 4 Key Challenges

Reducing Abandonment

Average of 67% reduction in medication abandonment

Bettering the Experience

Average of 99 NPS rating of VMS patient programs

Increasing Persistency

Average of 61% improvement in persistency at 12 months

Sharing Rich Insights

100% of VMS clients use front-line insights to inform strategy

Increased Focus on Patient Engagement and Adherence

Six tailwinds drive an increased focus on patient engagement and adherence for biopharma patient services, market access and brand teams.

Aging population has led to a growth in specialty products that require more robust patient services support

Providers, nurses, and other allied health professional have less time with patients

Healthcare consumerism has evolved patient expectations of their Pharma company

Patient medication adherence continues to be an issue

The biopharma landscape is getting more crowded

The pandemic further highlighted the unmet support needs of patients

This Increased Focus Presents a Great Opportunity for the Biopharma Industry

pharma market access bottom line

The commercial bottom line

With improved adherence, biopharma can realize an increase in the lifetime value of the patient.

pharma market access health outcomes

Quality of life and health outcomes

With improved adherence, patients can realize the full potential of their therapy, while managing disease control.