VMS Approach to Better Patient Adherence

patient adherence

Patient Adherence is a Significant Challenge for the US Healthcare Industry

45% of the American population has one or more chronic conditions that require medication, and starting and staying on these complex therapies isn’t easy.










patients never start medication prescribed by their doctor

patients become non-adherent to their medications

of medication-related hospital admissions are due to poor adherence

VMS Proven Ability to Increase Patient Adherence


patient opt-in to program


patient continuation in program


average improvement in adherence


average reduction in medication abonnement


average patient NPS of program

Poor Patient Adherence is Due to Barriers Patients Face

  • Not knowing about their disease
  • Not understanding their medication and why they’re taking it
  • Not being confident to manage the therapy inclusive of administration, dosing and side-effects
  • Not knowing what to expect at each stage of the treatment journey
  • Not understanding what resources are available to you
  • Not being confident in how to navigate a fragmented, complex system
  • Not knowing how to cope with the reality of having a chronic disease
  • Not understanding how to integrate the medication into day-to-day living 
  • Not being confident in staying motivated to take a therapy that isn’t a cure and takes time to show efficacy
  • Not knowing how to pay for the medication
  • Not understanding steps to receive the medication for the first time
  • Not being confident in understanding who to go to with questions and concerns

VMS Integrated Approach to Medication Adherence

VMS has a digitally-integrated, human-centered approach to boosting medication adherence

patient adherence old model
medication adherence


Human Only

Cannot expand to meet the demand; inefficient, inconsistent and expensive

VMS patient adherence



Human-Centered Design

Building emotional connections with an expert to get to the heart of issues that apps alone cannot


Digital Health

Enhancing the experience and providing a data-driven feedback loop

patient adherence old model
medication adherence


Digital Only

Creates a divide between those who are comfortable and those who are not, and risks widening gaps in health equality and access

Foundational Elements of VMS Patient Adherence Programs

Establish trust early on

Provide consistency of support

Build direct relationships with patients

Listen and learn from interventions

Make it convenient

Personalize all aspects

Keep it simple

Go beyond the medicine

Be empathetic

Incorporate a feedback loop to HCPs

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